The current of globalization is a challenge that must be faced. In the digital age all information can be accessed easily, anytime and anywhere. The Industrial Revolution 4.0, which was accompanied by the era of disruption and Society 5.0, was introduced by the Japanese government. Society 5.0 is a picture of a society that can solve various social challenges and problems by utilizing innovations born from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, such as the internet of things, big data, Artificial Intelligence, sophisticated robots, and various sophisticated machines. As stated by Prof. Dr. Lantip Diat Prasojo, M.Pd. in his inaugural speech as Professor in Education Management at the Faculty of Education, Yogyakarta State University. The speech entitled "Expert System in the Educational Management Revolution" was read out before an open Senate meeting in the Main Meeting Room of the UNY Rectorate Wednesday (21/8). Lantip Diat Prasojo is the 142nd professor of UNY.

He was born in Magetan, April 25, 1974 said that the advanced civilization automatically also penetrated the world of education, so that education people must understand and apply the advanced civilization as soon as possible. Information from various parts of the world can be easily accessed and does not require a long time. Education people are faced with situations that are always thinking and moving fast so that education people are required to always be fast and appropriate to follow developments in order to seize opportunities and manage challenges that come and go very quickly. "Based on the above conditions, it is necessary to revolution in the field of education including Education Management," Lantip said. "One of the solutions offered is the Expert System in the Educational Management Revolution".

The UPI Bandung Education Management Doctor explains, the expert system in the education management revolution itself is an expert system consisting of experts in the field of education management equipped with IT-based artificial intelligence systems that can help the creation of new knowledge in the field of educational management or new scientific formulations in the field of education management and support the activities of solving education management problems. This Expert System, enables the development of educational management science at multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and even nanodisciplinary levels. This expert system is expected to produce new knowledge, especially in the field of management education.

The Sidoarum Godean Sleman resident concluded that the Expert System in the Education Management revolution was a computer system that tried to provide predictions of the formulation of the educational management revolution model by imitating the logic of thinking and reasoning of experts in solving an education management problem. This Expert System is basically a computer program that works like an expert, this system has the ability to provide an explanation to users about the prediction of the formulation of the educational management revolution model and solutions provided in the future. Expert system in the Education Management revolution is designed as a system with a life cycle of the development of an educational management revolution system. With the system development life cycle, the Expert System in the education management revolution continues to develop with work logic such as human intelligence. (Dedy)